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  • Inspector General - Rhode Island's budget has ballooned to nearly $11 Billion dollars. The state currently has a nearly $1 Billion dollar budget gap. Our elected officials continue to rubber stamp bloated budgets year after year, which means more and more money coming out of our wallets. The wasteful spending must stop. Before cuts can be made, we must know where our money is being spent. The simplest way to achieve this is an Inspector General. I support having an independent Inspector General audit the state expenditures and budget, identifying where every single penny is being spent. This is the only way to identify wasteful spending, areas that need to be cut, and where funds may be lacking. Our current elected officials have been unwilling to support this because it would mean the end of wasteful, special interest spending of your hard earned money.
  • Lower the Sales Tax - By reducing the state sales tax from 7% to 3.5%,  Rhode Island would become more competitive with its neighboring states of Massachusetts (6.25%) and Connecticut (6.35%), and draw consumers from MA and CT into Rhode Island retailers, restaurants, and businesses. Also, cutting the state sales tax to 3.5% would leave more money in the pockets of Rhode Islanders.
  • Small Businesses - Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They provide goods, services, jobs and revenue. Our elected officials continue to turn a blind eye to the ever increasing financial and regulatory burdens placed on small businesses. The state needs to put an end to corporate welfare, and giving tax and financial breaks to large, hand-picked corporations.


  • Public Schools -Public education costs have skyrocketed in recent years. I support returning control of curriculum and education of students back to the teachers. While it is important to set standards and goals for each grade level, the people who are in the best position to identify and implement strategies to successfully educate our children are teachers, not bureaucrats. Curriculum should not be focused upon teaching students to pass a performance exam. It should be well rounded. We should listen to educators, parents and students to learn what is working and what is not. Utilizing that information, we can then create a stronger, richer curriculum for our children. Structure and discipline must be restored in the schools, to ensure a safe learning environment where students are held accountable. Furthermore, special education should not be utilized as a means for schools to fill budget gaps. Doing so takes away limited resources intended for students who truly need them to succeed. 


  • Bipartisan, Independent Approach - I do not, and will not support legislation merely because a political party or leadership endorses it. I will support legislation only when it serves the best interests of the District and Rhode Island. I believe there are good ideas on both sides of the political aisle, and am open to listening to everyone, because I believe that is the best way to reach a solution. Single party politics and voting along party lines is what Rhode Island elected officials have done for 80+ years. It is not working. I have never been one to go along with something merely because a particular group supports it. I am an independent thinker, and will continue to act as such as Representative for District 71. 


  • Protection, conservation, and preservation of our land, water and natural resources is important. I support continuing to protect and maintain our open spaces, parks, forests, water and natural resources.


  • I will not support legislation that seeks to expand or restrict the boundaries of the rights and privileges set forth in the Rhode Island and United States Constitutions, as defined by our Supreme Court. 

Law & Order:

  • I support the men and women of law enforcement. I do not support defunding police departments or first responders. 

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